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    Jan 04, 2018 · This subject hasnt been directly addressed in a while. While it is obvious with todays market that Legion herb / skin / mine bots are what will make you the most Gold Per Hour. There inst much to be said on this forum about WoD bots (non legion bots). The .

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    Farming Embersilk Cloth in Deepholm. Probably the second best place to farm Embersilk is in Deepholm in Verlok's Stand. The Verlok troggs drop a reasonable amount of Embersilk, are easy to kill and there is almost an infinite supply of them to kill. If you can bring a friend here you can do some serious farming.

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    Embersilk Cloth x 20 2500 JP or 1250 Honour Elementium Ore x 20 2000 JP or 1000 Honour Satchel of Herbs 3000 JP or 1500 Honour (Reported to give 20 assorted Cata herbs) Right now most people working for honour are doing it for gear. Anyone running endless heroics are doing it for gear, and will likely spend their JP on gear instead of these items.

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    Luckily, with Cataclysm recipes available you now only need a single stack of Infinite Dust on your way to 525 Tailoring. Unfortunately, the fastest and most mats-effective way to level your Tailoring to 525 also requires a bit over 90 stacks of Embersilk Cloth, so I hope .

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    Dec 26, 2010 · Ive been running dungeons, questing, and i cant break 501 tailoring because i cant seem to find enough embersilk. Currently ive been getting 10-15 cloth a run if im lucky. Most of the mobs are not humanoids. I wonder if blizz will give tailors embersilk scavenger, .

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    Sep 03, 2014 · Well yes and no on it being the same. I may have found an issue in the profile that occurs when you finish farming one material type and it tries to move on to the next when it should actually craft stuff, but that bug should not hinder the profile from moving forward if you stop and start the profile and check the "reset" option in the settings to true.

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