mil tek products

  • Mil-tek XP200S Mixed Waste Compactor

    Product Overview The Mil-tek X-Press 200S stainless steel waste compactor is extremely flexible and suitable for a wide variety of locations including kitchens, food preparation sites, hospitals, offices, and general waste areas.By compacting your general, food and hazardous waste in an X-Press 200S waste compactor, you optimize your waste area, creating more space, less mess, better hygiene ...

  • Cardboard & Plastic Balers & Recycling Compactors - Mil-tek

    Mil-tek is an internationally leading supplier of waste & recycling balers and compactors for businesses. Over our 24 years in business, we have maintained a safety record across all our machines. Our balers and compactors can be relied on for all your business waste and recycling requirements.

  • Mil-tek USA Waste and Recycling Balers and Compactors

    Mil-tek air-powered compactors can be installed directly into professional kitchens. And they actually fit in there, due to their small footprint. Find out how restaurants across the United States improve the workflow for their employees by using Mil-tek compactors. Balers & Trash Compactors