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    There is 00 flour meant for bread (labeled panifiabile in Italian), for pizza, and for pasta with gluten levels ranging from 5 to 12 percent. In the North, 00 flour produced from soft wheat (grano tenero) and relatively low in protein is preferred for making fresh pasta at home.

    00 is extra-fine flour, the most refined grade. Here's a useful page for more about the old flour grading system. Other than pasta I use it for t...Best answer · 9Shared from Book: Making Artisan Pasta: How to Make a World of Handmade Noodles, Stuffed Pasta, Dumplings, and More TYPES OF WHEAT FLOUR Italian Do...2Just a quick aside...I went to make a pie today and discovered I was out of all purpose flour, so I decided to try the 00 I had in the pantry. It...1
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    Jun 27, 2010 · I just picked up Dan Lepard's "The Handmade Loaf" in which many recipes specify a "strong flour.." In his discussion of flour he doesn't make any reference to this. Does he mean a high protein flour, like a bread flour, or is that just a British way of saying all-purpose wheat flour?

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