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    Through years of continuous research Inter Zircon is able to acquire a suitable separation techniques for mineral sands in Indonesia especially Zircon Sand. We deliver our product at the utmost quality to our clients all over the globe.

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    Zirconia/Baddeleyite. Cubic zirconia or CZ is known as a fake diamond, but I think it should instead be considered a superior zircon. CZ is a manufactured oxide compound, ZrO 2, not a silicate, and "zirconia" is a chemical name, not a mineral name. There is a naturally occurring form of zirconia, called baddeleyite.

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    Zircon. Comments: Cathodoluminescence image of earth's oldest-known mineral (zircon grain - W74/2-36) with inset concordia plot showing the 4,404 billion year old region. Note the oscillatory zoning in the outer rim. Image by John W. Valley. Location: Interlayered red .

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    Zircon Sand is used mainly in foundry applications. Tell us more about what your needs are; we will guide you into the proper grade.

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    Continental Mineral Processing is a United States owned company. Our plant located in Cincinnati, Ohio provides zircon sand, milled zircon and opacifier products to the investment casting, foundry coatings, ceramics, electronic, and color pigment industries worldwide.

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    These mineral sands are in placer deposits which have been naturally concentrated by gravity. They have been mined since 1934 and Australia has a major share of the world market for both titanium minerals and zircon. In the mining plant they are concentrated by .

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