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    (In any given ranking, the highest-ranked language is assigned a score of 100, and the scores of lower-ranked languages are scaled to that.) The number-crunching language R rounds out the top five.

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    The Global Drug Survey 2015 findings. What did we learn from GDS2015? An overview of our key findings Dr Adam R Winstock, Founder Director GDS. Well first just how generous were people with their time?

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    'John is widely regarded as one of the world's finest interpreters of Beethoven's piano works.' 'The bluebell is widely regarded as an emblem of the British countryside, covering forest floors up and down the country.' 'By the 1960s, the use of gloves to improve the grip was widely accepted.'

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    67 synonyms of ranging from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 84 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for ranging.

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    Ranging definition, the extent to which or the limits between which variation is possible: the range of steel prices; a wide range of styles. See more.

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    Define wide-ranging. wide-ranging synonyms, wide-ranging pronunciation, wide-ranging translation, English dictionary definition of wide-ranging. adj. Covering a wide area; including much: ... wide-ranging - widely different; "varied motives prompt people to join a political party"; ...

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    The DB-Engines Ranking ranks database management systems according to their popularity. The ranking is updated monthly. Read more about the method of calculating the scores.

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    92 rader · This article ranks human languages by their number of native speakers.. However, all such rankings should be used with caution, because it is not possible to devise a coherent set of linguistic criteria for distinguishing languages in a dialect continuum. For example, a language is often defined as a set of varieties that are mutually intelligible, but independent national standard languages ...