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    1Includes stockpile emissions of 1.06 lbs VOC per wet ton per day for 3.80 days, plus windrow emissions of 5.71 lbs VOC per wet ton. B. Particulate Matter The District is not aware of any generally accepted particulate matter emission factors for composting. Therefore, .


    Pollutant Emission Factors, AP-42, Volume I. Enter the average surface area of all storage piles that contain the same material stored, in acres. This is the area of the pile(s) exposed to wind erosion and not the area underneath the pile(s).

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    expansion factor and compaction ratios. The con-version methods applied to the expansion factors in Table 7-1 can also be applied to the expansion factors presented in Table 7-2. Bulk Density Bulk density (BD) refers to residue weight divided by residue volume. Suppose the example log has a moisture content of 80% MCod (44.4%

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    Gas emissions from coal stockpiles are negligible compared to coal-fired power plant emissions; however caution should still be taken since some of the gases are toxic and explosive.

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    monitored gas emissions of CO 2, CO, C 2H4, and dimethylsulphide (DMS) from a coal stockpile in Velenje, Slovenia. Though there is a wealth of data on stack emissions from power plants, little consideration has been given to gaseous emissions from coal stockpiles. The only fugitive emissions from stockpiles routinely assessed are dust emissions ...

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    SCAQMD emission factors, currently the only official regulatory values, are briefly discussed noting that they mostly represent stockpile emissions and not compost emissions. The compost emissions from their data appear unrealistically low and are significantly outside the bounds of all the other data sets.

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    The emission factors can be calculated using the methodology found in Section 11.12 of AP-42. Table AQ-3 presents the emission factors for the concrete batching operations.

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    The investigation of the two successive nearby stockpiles indicates that dust emission from the upstream stockpile is slightly increased when the piles are more distant. On the contrary, the analysis of the downstream stockpile shows that, as the distance increases, dust emission will be decreased. It is also found that the isolated stockpile ...

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    EIQ Form 2.8 Storage Pile Worksheet Instructions for Form 780-1446 2/2009 PUB2317 This form is optional if a facility is reporting emissions from one or more open storage piles that are on-site at the facility. Data should be consistent with the construction permit for the facility.

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    Scope 2 Guidance Scope 3 Calculation Guidance Agriculture Guidance Portfolio Carbon Initiative Fossil Fuel Reserves U.S. Public Sector Protocol Estimating and Reporting Avoided Emissions .

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    There is no requirement to report full uncertainty on emission and oxidation factors. Due to the nature of how the EU-ETS operates, carbon credits have to be surrendered and traded at an absolute value, therefore there is no imposed uncertainty requirement on the annual reported emissions. Since operators are not required to report the overall uncertainty, it is not routinely calculated, so operators may have .

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    Methane emissions were negligible in all biosolid stockpiles but the relative contribution of N2O and CO2 changed with stockpile age. The youngest stockpiles emitted two thirds of their GHG emissions as N2O, whereas CO2 emissions dominated GHG emissions from the oldest stockpile. This study did not detect any seasonal variability in GHG ...

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    National Pollutant Inventory . Emission estimation technique manual . for . Fugitive Emissions . Version 2.0 . January 2012. First published in December 1999

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    5 equipment. The emission factors can be calculated using the methodology found in Section 11.12 of .